QuickBooks Error 6000

Are you trying to open your company files and got the QuickBooks error code 6000? The error 6000 is one of the common errors that regular QuciBooks accounting users face. Have you got the same error on your QuickBooks? Go through this post and you will know about the causes of the error, as we have mentioned the solution here and this article will help you to resolve this error.

This accounting software has the ability to manage the business to individuals accounting. QuickBooks in this filed sins the 90s. So, QuickBooks has the better experience to manage the business accounts. This is the best application to manage your accounts. But while using the QuickBooks software some users facing some error like QuickBooks error 6000. However, if you are facing the error 6000 too? Following here are some possibilities.

QuickBooks Error 6000

When you are trying to open the QuickBooks company files from your system the error code 6000 occurs. Below we have mentioned some of the reasons for the error 6000

  •  Mainly this error code appears because the company file is stored on the local drive of your system, so this file should be located on network storage.
  • When the QuickBooks user runs on the multiuser mode and the software was unable to connect with each of the users
  • The drive that contains the Quickbooks company file that has improper folder permissions

Fix the QuickBooks Error 6000

We have shared some easiest methods to fix the error 6000 of your QuickBooks accounting software. go these methods to solve the problem quickly.

 If your QuickBooks application is running on your system, close all your tasks and restart the application. Sometimes, restarting the application can solve most of the problems.

Now proceed with the steps 

At first, close the QuickBooks application, if there are any application running on your system then close it too, and shut down your system

After the shutdown, leave it for at least 5 seconds the power up your computer

now, open the QuickBooks application

In the end, check your accounting software works or not.

Are you still getting the error code 6000? You have to try the 2nd method to resolve the issues.

Explore the other methods here 

Relocate the company files of the QuickBooks software 

If You are using third-party storage for storing the company files of this software? Then, you have to move the QuickBooks company file to a network drive or a local drive.

Firstly, locate the.QBW file on your system and double click on it to open the file

In next, click to select the QuickBooks company files and save it on a network drive

Finally, reopen your software application and  check the error has gone or not 

If the error code is still showing on your application, continue with the next steps

Instead of using the mapped drive try the UNC path

If you are using a mapped drive system, then you should be using the  UNC path. Following steps will guide you 

At first, open the QuickBooks company file folder

In next, locate the.QBW file on your mapped  drive

Then, right-click on the.QBW file and copy this file on your system’s clipboard

After doing so, past the file on your desktop

Next, launch the QuickBooks software then you will be redirected to the No Company Open Window.  

Now, QuickBooks showing the restore option of  the existing company file

Finally, search for the company file, that you have pasted on your desktop and open it.

The error code is not solved yet? I am suggesting that you should take experts advice or if have any query please common down below. 

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